The Committee

The PJCC committee meets twice a term (in 2nd and 7th weeks) to discuss academic issues within the Physics department. The objective is to both develop the content of the physics course and to react to issues in the course's structure and delivery.

Any student can come to a PJCC meeting. Please email the chair for more information.

If you want to get in touch with the PJCC committee for any reason you can either send a message to the appropriate committee member below by clicking on their name or you can submit a message using our contact page.


, New College

3rd Year MPhys

The PJCC Chair heads the committee meetings, raising points of concern with the faculty members as well as organising the rest of the PJCC. The Chair is an associative non-voting member of the Physics Teaching faculty along with the Secretary.


, Magdalen College


The Secretary takes minutes for meetings and is also an associative non-voting member of the Physics Teaching faculty, therefore relaying issues to the Physics Teaching Faculty Meeting through the Academic Administrator.

Website and Feedback Officer

Role currently filled by the PJCC Chair.


The web officer is responsible for maintaining this website as and when updates become available. They also maintain the PJCC's Lecture and Practical feedback system.

PhysPhil Rep

, Somerville College

4th Year MPhysPhil

The PhysPhil Rep is the representative for students on the MPhysPhil course. They are the recommended contact point for any PhysPhil students who have a problem they would like raised in a PJCC meeting.

First Year Reps

, Queens' College (Left)

, Wadham College (Middle)

, Trinity College (Right)

Second Year Reps

, Keble College (Left)

, Pembroke College (Middle)

, Pembroke College (Right)

Third Year Reps

, Balliol College (Left)

, Brasenose College (Right)

Fourth Year Reps

, Somerville College (Left)

, St. Anne's College (Middle)

, Christ Church (Right)

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