The PJCC consists of physics undergraduates and senior members of the department, and is responsible for liaising between the student body and those in charge of running the course, communicating each group's views to the other. We discuss, amongst other things, forthcoming course changes, how practicals could be improved and general student satisfaction with the course. Information about the PJCC can be found throughout this site.

The PJCC meets twice a term, in second and seventh week, other than in Trinity term, when it only meets in second. All meetings of the PJCC are open for any undergraduates within the department to attend. If you do want to attend, please email the secretary a week before the meeting is due to be held.

Each term we and the department ask all students to complete a questionnaire about the lectures and practicals they have attended. The results are taken seriously and affect the course, so be honest - it is completely anonymous.

The views and opinions expressed in this website are the PJCC's, not any college, the Physics Department or the University.

The constitution of the PJCC can be found here (last changed 10/02/21).

Freshers' Guides

Click here for a PDF version of the PJCC Physics guide, and here for a PDF version of the PJCC PhysPhil guide.

We recommend thoroughly going through the Physics Practical Course page, particularly the Python cheat sheet.

Reporting Academic Issues

While we collect statistics about all lectures that have been offered each term, if you have any urgent comments about the lecture courses please contact us directly so that we may implement immediate changes.

We are also designed to be a contact route between the students and the academic staff, so if you have any comments, questions or want to give any information to the department please get in touch with an appropriate member of our committee or use our contact form, which will also accept anonymous messages. These comments will be raised at meetings with members of the department, and you can view their answers by reviewing minutes from our committee meetings.

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